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10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Wins!

The other day I pulled out our Minion matching cards for our youngest to play with. She is too young to play the traditional way so I decided to separate the pairs. I was curious

to see if she would be able to find the matching card, and to no surprise she was able to! Every time she found a match she would shout "YAY! GOOD JOB!"

In our house this is how we celebrate her wins. Clapping, dancing and shouting "GOOD JOB"!

As I sat there and watched her, it hit me! I rarely celebrate my wins! I wondered, what in the world is wrong with me? It looks so fun! I have decided that I want in on this! With the crazy life I live I am often so wrapped up in the weeds that I rarely get to step back and relish in my achievements. But today that is going to change!

Why does it matter anyways?

It is important to celebrate our wins because celebrating our wins reinforces positivity, it feels gratifying and it helps lift you up and push you forward when you come up against new challenges. And to be blunt... YOU EARNED that sh*t!!

Here is a list of 10 fun ways to celebrate your wins!

1. High-Five your team mates! If you're a one woman show... girl high-five yourself!

2. Pop the champagne.

3. Have a bell in your office that you ring when something is to be celebrated!

4. Host a mini dance party with loads of confetti!

5. Order lunch for your team.

6. Jump up and down and totally freak out!

7. Call a friend and share the good news!

8. Go get a cupcake... with sprinkles of course!

9. Write down your win and add it to a jar. At the end of the year read them all!

10. Get that thing you have been holding out for.

Now go on girl and celebrate!


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