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11 Ways to Turn Your Bad Day Into a Good One.

It happens,  sometimes we wake up and it seems like EVERYTHING is going wrong. Your alarm didn't go off and you didn't get to take that much needed shower. You have no actual food in your pantry to make your child's lunch, unless you want to feed them nothing but cheeze-its, gummy snacks and jell-o. You made yourself a coffee and left it on the counter when you ran out the door. Your gas tank is near 'E' and you are already running behind. You seem to be catching every red light there is. All you want to do is call it a loss, go home, crawl back into bed and hide until tomorrow. 

We all know that isn't always an option in the real world! Adulting is HARD!

So how can you turn a bad day around? How can you take all these seemingly bad things and turn them into something good?  How can you make light of all the crappyness your day seems to be throwing your way?

Here are a few options to help turn your bad day into an amazing one!

Take a minute. If you are already running behind you would think "I cant!" Listen, you are already late! What's another minute, right? Sometimes taking a minute to reset is needed.

Pay it forward. Go to Starbucks and buy a coffee for the person behind you. Go to breakfast and pick an unexpectant person or couple and pay for their breakfast. I actually love to do this when my kids are with me. They help pick out the table and we make it happen. They love it and it teaches them how to be awesome little givers.

Crank the radio up. Loud music feeds my soul! There is something about the radio cranked up that puts me in the most amazing mood!Do something for yourself. Go get a pedicure, get a facial. Go get a blowout. Life can be very overwhelming sometimes and we just need a little "us" time. Sometimes we want to be first! So dammit... PUT YOURSELF FIRST! Cause you're an adult and you can do what you want! Until 3pm when you have to pick the kids up from school. MEH...

Go for a drive. When I first started driving I loved to go on little driving adventures. I had no real destination. I would pick a direction and just go. I typically would head in a direction where there would be no traffic. For me that was east towards the country. I loved the scenery. It was calming, relaxing and it helped me reset. Head to the Ocean. Grab a towel and head to the waterr. Take a few minutes or as much time as you need and just stare out at the water. There is something about the ocean that is so relaxing! Don't live near an ocean? Find a lake and bring some bread. Feed the ducks or just find a bench to sit and relax. Call a girlfriend. Sometimes all we need is a little venting session. We need to get everything off our chests to reset! Pick a friend that will help you look at the positive side of things rather than focusing on the negative!Grab a glass of wine. No I'm not saying go get wasted drunk midmorning. However, sometimes a little glass of wine is all that is needed to take the edge off of a bad day!Get outside! Go for a walk, weed your garden, walk through the Lowes garden department and check out all the beautiful flowers you wish you could keep alive at your own home! Do something you've always talked about doing. Visit that local art gallery, visit the petting zoo without your kids, try stand up paddle boarding! If you've dreamed about it go do it! What is stopping you? Not a bad day! If all else fails.. just cry. Get it out, let it go. Then put on your big girl panties and move on! Your day is typically only as bad as you allow it to be!
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