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Give Your Soul Time to Re-energize

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

I have a unique personality (I think its unique at least) where on some days I feel like I am on top of the world, the life of the party and a person who has no boundaries.

Other days I hide in my turtle shell looking for a way to crawl out unnoticed. 

I used to wonder what that was about. Why would an extrovert like myself suddenly become so introverted? Maybe just maybe the person I have thought I was all along isn't who I really am?

Maybe deep down inside I'm not really an extrovert at all, but rather a social introvert.

Things that make my skin crawl

Small talk

Having to be fake

Feeling stuck or unsafe

The fear of rejection, even though the rejection itself doesn't bother me

Trying to hang up the phone during one of those never ending goodbyes

I can't stand small talk. Not great for networking by the way. It's just not in me. I cannot make things up on the fly. We either click or we don't. It's really that simple. Unfortunately for me, my emotions are written all over my face so its pretty obvious that i'm uncomfortable when I am. 

I always need an exit. Where are the doors? Where are the windows? If I am having a terrible time or if I am feeling socially awkward I will find an excuse to get the heck out of there! 

I am way too aware of my surroundings. I tend to scan the room, what is everyone doing? What does everyone's body language look like? Does everyone look happy? I was always able to spot a potential fight in a bar before the bouncers were. 

I feed off the energy in the room, if I am surrounded by a fun out going group chances are my personality will shine! 

I just need a minute 

Sometimes though I need a break, sometimes I need to have a little me time. A little quiet time. A few moments where I can just BE. I literally yearn for it. It's like my soul goes "okay body... its time." I believe it is my souls way of re-energizing. Sometimes we just need a break. Sometimes we need to stop, regroup and clear our minds to get ourselves back on track. 

When I was younger I would ride my bike to the pier. I would sit and gaze out at the water for hours. Just watching, thinking, processing life. When I started driving I would get on the road and drive east towards the country. I loved the nothingness of it all. The cows, the trees, the lack of buildings. 

Now that I am older it's a little harder to escape life, so I escape through a set of headphones and very loud music! My choice of music varies on my mood. I recently re-watched Eat, Pray, Love and became obsessed with "The Girl From Ipanema" and have listened to that album on repeat. Even my 10 year old has grown to love it and asks for it by name. 

However you escape reality, whether it be a book, the gym, the beach, a long bath, a game of Candy Crush or in a set of headphones like me; it is important that we all give our soul a little time to re-energize! 

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