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How to regain your focus and stay productive while working from home.

How to regain your focus and stay productive when you work from home.

Working from home sounds amazing! The idea of working in your jammies on your own schedule is very enticing. However, for some, staying focused and productive can be difficult outside of the traditional office environment.

Here are a few tips to help you remain focused and stay productive while working from home.

  • Have a designated office space

Having a place to work in your home is important. This place should remain your "go-to" work space. Make it pretty, spruce it up, make it a space you are proud to work in.

  • Get dressed for the day

While working in your jammies sounds amazing. We associate jammies with sleeping and relaxing. Two things that don't exactly scream work or productivity.

  • Set a schedule

A typically office environment starts at 9am. If you find yourself not starting your day until noon and then asking yourself why you aren't able to accomplish what needs to be done, the time you are starting may be your answer. Make sure the time you are setting aside to work,is used for that.

  • Put your phone on DND

If your line of work allows it, put your phone on do not disturb. This will ensure that you get the quite time you need to focus while allowing you to still place outbound calls. You may be asking... well what about my kids or office? I still need their calls! If you have an IPhone you allow certain calls to come through, all you have to do it specify in the contact settings.

  • Hit the local coffee shop

Sometimes you need to get out of your house! Grab your laptop and head to the nearest coffee shop.

  • Put in some headphones

Music is my escape from the world. If I really want to focus on something I put my headphones in, pick some awesome jams and crank it up!


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